CoAmp was established by Graham McCorkill to help startups and other business looking for practical advice based on real business success, not just theory. Graham has built successful businesses across a range of industries including: Technology, Construction, Furniture, Exhibitions, Logistics and Marine.


Graham’s first business venture was at 17, making surfboards for his mates. His most recent business was Buzinga App Development which sold in 2017. Buzinga focused on on designing intuitive ways  to interact with our modern world using technology, including: smartphones, tablets, wearables, smart TVs, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and IOT.


Buzinga was recognised for its Fast GrowthCompany Culture and Focus on User Engagement Design.




Our depth of experience over 25+ years, across a range of industries and through successes and failures, means we can help create practical and balanced strategies to grow your business success.

A note from our founder

Earlier in my business career I had an attitude of never asking for help. I figured, if I worked hard enough on a problem, I would be able to sort it out for myself… I felt I would be less of a leader if I admitted that I didn’t have all the answers. Additionally, I didn’t want to owe anyone.

Obviously, this was a huge mistake and wrong thinking in almost every way. As a direct consequence, I missed opportunities and some of my ventures did not grow as fast as they could have… I also had a couple of business failures which, at the time, was devastating.

Having a coach, mentor, advisor, expert consultant or better still, all of these, dramatically increases the chance of success in business and in life. I think the penny finally dropped somewhere in my mid-thirties and it transformed my thinking and business success.

I still have business advisors. It is great to have someone independent of the day-to-day issues that I can test my ideas with.

CoAmp was founded to offer an experienced resource to other business owners, because I have learned a lot about creating a successful business over the last 25 or so years. If we can help you to avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made and introduce you to some of the thinking, process and hacks we’ve developed to help you innovate and fast-track your business goals, I think you’d agree, you’ll win.

In fact, coming up with or facilitating innovative and practical solutions to business problems is what I love to do, so it’s a win-win!

The first step is often the hardest. Finding someone you trust and feel comfortable sharing your goals, dreams and roadblocks with. That’s why we prefer to set up an initial free private Q&A to see if we’re the right fit and if we can identify some quick wins.

What do you have to lose!


For more detail of Graham's career achievements, head to his LinkedIn profile

COamp team expertise

Skills gained from 25+ years of Experience and Learning


Build a culture of Innovation and employ validated process to identify potential new ideas


Develop strategy with your leadership team to create ownership & accountability


New Technology, Market and Perception change will often create opportunity


Strategies & processes to best suit your specific market / customer segment


Build your skills, team focus on the WHY, then build the  leaders around you to scale


Develop a great culture, attract the right people and effective coaching


Regular one-on-one coaching with specific objectives and clear outcomes is key


Continuous positive improvement in strategy, systems, process & people


Build a flexible model to allow quick analysis of potential future scenarios



Elbaite is developing a new and innovative cryptocurrency trading platform. We engaged coAmp to help us establish our early growth strategy. Graham’s experience in the tech and the start-up industry enabled him to give practical, real world business advice which has shaped the early business plans and growth strategy of Elbaite Pty Ltd to be more detailed, pragmatic and focused. Mortaza Tollo

Founder & Director, Elbaite Pty Ltd

RUNWAY BUY is a new state-of-the-art Mobile and Web Marketplace Platform for Fashion Designers. We have been working with coAmp (Graham McCorkill) for over 4 months. I had worked with Graham briefly previously when he was CEO of Buzinga.

When I heard he was starting his own Startup advisory, I asked Graham to help us establish our go-to-market plan and help us ensure the new RUNWAY BUY ‘Platform Development Plan’ was solid.

Graham has been able to add more value than I originally expected. He has:

  • Created our pitch script, pitch deck, pitching process and fine-tuned our information documents to raise the Seed Investment Funds we need to develop the RUNWAY BUY Platform
  • Been involved in the pitching process with all potential investors
  • Given invaluable advice around team structure and team growth strategies
  • Created a comprehensive financial forecast model allowing us to quickly test different funding, pricing, revenue and cash-flow scenarios
  • Added many practical and innovative features into our platform specifications and overall value offering
  • Helped us finalise our ‘must-have’ feature set for development of our initial MVP
  • Managed the relationship with our Development Partners

We would not be as advanced as we currently are without Graham’s advice and input. I have asked Graham to come on as a permanent member on our Board of Directors. (He has accepted) Marc Palmer

Founder & Director of Business Development, Runway Buy Inc.


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