The life of a business owner can be lonely. As an entrepreneur, you are probably risking everything to make an impact on the world and make a better life for you and your family. We understand. Our founder’s primary reason for establishing coAmp as an affordable business advisory, was motivated by over 30 years experience in business, having established more than 10 businesses from scratch and being in that lonely position on many occasions.


The decisions you make on a daily basis impact the future of your business and so, having independent expert feedback and advice is invaluable. Our goal is to help you fine-tune your business and continue to innovate, while minimising any serious issues. Your business growth and success is our objective and why we are excited about helping good businesses become great.


We focus on the 3 primary areas of business listed below, where we know we’ll add significant value… 


Let’s review and improve to maximise your business success

Business can be complex. Knowing where to focus your effort is not always obvious when your managing every aspect on a day-to-day basis. And often, small things missed can cause big problems if not identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Our Business Review process is for the owners of Startups and SMEs who feel their business, process or systems are not working as well as you would like. We offer a new set of experienced eyes to provide some independent, affordable feedback and advice.

It begins with a confidential discussion aimed at identifying your concerns and confirming your objectives. The review process can involve your Business Plan & Growth Strategies including Development Plan, Marketing Strategy, Financial Forecast and Cash-flow projections to check for any omissions.

We can also review processes, systems and platforms to identify duplication and inefficiencies consuming valuable time and resources.

We may ask some hard questions, however, our process will result in recommended ways to improve process, create efficiencies and target what’s important, with the goal of minimising mistakes and increasing the success of your teams and your overall business.

If required, we can help you create an implementation strategy which will  achieve your key objectives or take a hands-on role in the process.


Pitch less and get better results

Have you ever been told the more you pitch, the more business you will win?While there may be truth in this advice, wouldn’t you prefer to get better results from every pitch, so pitch a lot less for more business?

Whether you’re pitching a product or service, to raise investment or close a deal, understanding the science behind a pitch will change everything.

Our Pitch Creation service is for Startups and SMEs having difficulty crafting the perfect pitch. We’ll help you develop a pitch script and pitch deck that will impact your prospective investors or clients in a way that will have them desiring what you have.

Unlike standard sales presentations, creating a killer pitch needs to be tailored to the way your prospects receive the information into their brain. Our Pitch Creation process will properly sequence the information in the order your prospects’ brain wants to hear it. A killer pitch includes:

  • Have a crystal clear objective
  • Grab attention by setting the scene, perspective or frame
  • Tell your story
  • Deliver the hook
  • Get a decision

We can create the Pitch Script and Pitch Deck for you using your information or work with you to help you craft a pitch that will get results. 



Did you know that most new app development projects go over budget

When outsourcing development of your new web or mobile platform, whether locally or overseas, there is a lot to consider… Which developer do you trust, how do you validate your idea, what features should you include in your first release, what tech stack should you use, and on it goes.

Our Tech Oversight service is for individuals and businesses outsourcing development of a new web or mobile app for the first time. We provide an experienced, independent and affordable influence in the process… It can be difficult sorting through the suggestions and claims made by developers.

Graham McCorkill, our founder, also co-founded Buzinga App Development in 2012. Buzinga developed over 150 mobile/web app projects with four reaching #1 on the App Store. Graham knows a lot about building and releasing successful platforms and will help you get it right. Here’s where we can assist:

  • Fine tune your core requirements: business, timeline, budget & feature
  • Help you identify a developer that best suits your requirements
  • Help finalise your MVP feature set
  • Manage the project quality and schedule for you
  • Help set KPIs for validating platform success
  • Set up the User Acceptance Testing process
  • Advise on Marketing, PR, Grants & Tax Incentives… and more.

We guarantee to streamline the process, save you time and money and allow you to get on with running your business.


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